10 Wishes for Mothers with Teen Daughters

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Okay, I’m fashionably late to the New Year wishes party. I blame it on my own timeline—January in my world is all about reflection, setting intentions, and, well, maybe a bit of procrastination. But hey, better late than never, right?

So, without further ado, here are my 10 wishes for you in this shiny new year:

  1. Patience and Restraint: When your daughter seems to shut you out, remember she’s not rejecting you; she’s just growing up, flexing those independence muscles. Breathe in, breathe out—it’ll all work out. Teenhood is a wild ride, isn’t it?
  2. Bulletproof Heart: As parents of teens, we sometimes become emotional punching bags. When your girl unloads stress or negativity, remember she’s navigating a world far more complex than we did. She’s donning a mask outside; let her vent at home.
  3. Quality Time Magic: Make it a priority to spend intentional, one-on-one time with her. It doesn’t have to be extravagant—cooking, grocery shopping, or a Starbucks run can work wonders. Keep it positive; save the lectures for another day.
  4. Self-Care Stance: Show her the importance of self-care by embracing it yourself. Take unapologetic time for yourself. Your mental health matters, and it sets a powerful example.
  5. Zen Master Moments: May you master the art of taking deep, calming breaths and keeping your lips sealed when your teen daughter tests your patience or tries to lure you into a power struggle. Remember, walking away is a superpower.
  6. Power Struggle Jedi: Resist the urge to get sucked into power struggles. Stick to your non-negotiables and gracefully step away. It’s a skill, trust me.
  7. Fight Club Wisdom: Recognize that having disagreements with your daughter isn’t always a bad thing. It’s her way of practicing healthy conflict resolution, learning to compromise, reflect, and apologize. It’s a skill set she needs, and you’re her safe training ground.
  8. Healthy Sparring Only: Ensure that your disagreements are a healthy exchange, not a screaming match filled with hurtful words. Healthy fighting is a crucial life skill, and you’re helping her hone it
  9. Lie Detector Love: Embrace the reality that your teen is likely going to tell a lie or two. I know, I know, we dream of open honesty, and that’s a goal worth striving for. But let’s face it – teens and truth aren’t always best buddies. It’s not a character flaw; it’s just a teen thing. Their brains are still a work in progress, especially that prefrontal cortex responsible for future thinking. So, when they lie, it’s often out of a mix of self-preservation and not wanting to worry you. Don’t take it personally. Instead, when you catch wind of a lie, confront with love and understanding. 
  10. Navigational Wisdom: I wish you the wisdom to navigate the delicate balance between letting go and holding on. In this age of social media and internet, our girls seem to grow up at warp speed. It’s tough for us moms to accept, to watch them dive into experiences that might make us uneasy. While our protective instincts are crucial, so is allowing them room to make mistakes and learn from them. Yes, be vigilant, communicate openly about dangers, but also let them spread their wings. Life’s lessons, even in the face of peer pressure, are vital for their growth. Keep those communication lines open, have those real conversations, and trust that, in the end, they need to experience life to truly learn.

Bonus Wish

Of course this list is not complete without my bonus with for you. Last, but certainly not least:

Embrace Imperfect Parenting: Let’s be real; we’re not perfect. We might explode, hold on too tight, be grumpy, or not say the right thing. That’s human. Apologize when needed, show them we’re okay, and teach the most valuable lesson—self-love.

So, here’s to embracing the imperfect, rocking this parenting gig, and showing our girls the true meaning of self-love.

Cheers to another year of navigating the chaos with style.

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