My Favorite Moments When Coaching Teen Girls

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I have many different types of favorite moments when I’m coaching teen girls.

Sometimes I can predict them, these moments.

The first one is always the moment she starts to feel a little bit more at ease. When the awkwardness of the first half hour of our talk, slowly disappears.  When she relaxes her shoulders somewhat and I can see the curiosity in her eyes. Trying to gauge whether I can be trusted. 

Another moment is when she decides that she can trust me. When she let’s down her guard, opens up to me and spills out her secrets. Sometimes her stories pour out of her without hesitation. Other times she throws out something she thinks might shock me. To test me. 

But I think my most favorite moments are the AHA moments she experiences.

The aha! moments

They are the most precious.

Sometimes they have these moments when they say something out loud – something that was there subconsciously, but often pushed down or ignored.

Or I can see it in their eyes when I ask them a question or when I paraphrase what they just said to me.

A realization. A discovery. A belief. I witness the start of something magical – the belief that they’re okay the way they are.

Or that they’re braver than they thought. Or that what they’re feeling is normal and they’re not alone.

Often times these moments happen unexpectedly or suddenly in one of the coaching sessions. I love this little gems.

These special moments can be subtle, without words. A faint smile, a quick glance, the slow relaxation of tense shoulders.

Other times the magic is in the sound and the lightness of their voice. Or even in the tears that suddenly well up.

These moments bring about change.

Sometimes small, subtle changes, but always important.

I’m often surprised how quickly seemingly small ‘aha’ moments can lead to huge changes.

It’s like something heavy has been lifted of their shoulders and they can suddenly see clearer and stand taller.

The magic of group coaching

I also have many favorite moments when I coach a group of girls together. They’re different but just as powerful.

Sometimes it takes them a little bit to warm up to each other and to let down their guard. But most of the times that happens surprisingly quick.

It always amazes me how quickly the girls bond with each other.

They truly lift each other up and their connection and shared experiences are often the most powerful tools in the whole process.

I love these moments of shared vulnerability between the girls.

When one girl is opening up about her insecurities – and you only need one brave girl to take that first step – and you can almost feel the energy change. From careful and guarded to open and warm.


It’s al of these moments that make the difference.

They give me goosebumps. They make me feel energized, fulfilled and grateful.

They are small but powerful confirmations that I’m doing what I am supposed to be doing.

That this is truly my calling.  

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