Codenames Disney Family Edition – Disney Party Game for Teens and Families

Codenames Disney Family Edition is the ultimate family game, combining the magic of Disney with the thrill of Codenames. Perfect for teen girls and their families, it’s an easy-to-learn, picture-filled adventure through the Disney universe.


Are you searching for the perfect family game to delight your teen daughter? Look no further than Codenames Disney Family Edition. This remarkable game merges the enchanting world of Disney with the beloved party game Codenames. It’s an adventure that spans the past 90 years of Disney magic.

In this game, you’ll find a delightful blend of pictures and words. Players must decipher clues and make educated guesses based on the given codes, but beware of incorrect answers. It’s a great family game suitable for all ages, making it an ideal gift for teen girls and their families.

Two Cluemasters take center stage, giving one-word clues to help their teammates identify Disney characters, locations, and items from a 25-card game grid (or opt for the more family-friendly 16-card version).

Ages 8 and up can enjoy the magic of Disney with this game, and it’s perfect for gatherings of 2 to 8+ players. With a playtime of just around 15 minutes, it’s an excellent addition to your family game night. Bring the enchantment of Disney into your home and create unforgettable moments with Codenames Disney Family Edition, an excellent gift for the teens in your life. Get ready for hours of laughter, strategy, and bonding.

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Promising review:

  • “family plays code names pretty often, and many of us are also huge Disney fans, so when we saw this it was a no brainer. We had some reservations about it being more for the kids (our family is older now), but tried it for the first time over the 4th of July weekend, and we couldn’t have been more surprised by how it seemed HARDER than normal codenames, while still being possible to play with kids. Yes, that seems like an impossible combination, but it really came down to having a lot of similar words/themes with the cards, so it was hard to make a multi-card word work without potentially giving away points. However, a younger player could still go with single-card words (or use the pictures on the opposite side even) and still play with everyone else. So far we’ve been pleasantly surprised, and look forward to playing this version again soon.” – Happy customer


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