Codenames Duet: A Brain-Teasing Bonding Experience for Teens and Adults

Codenames Duet is the ultimate gift for teens and adults, providing hours of bonding and brain-teasing fun. Strengthen your family’s connection with this engaging word-based game.


Are you searching for a gift that brings the whole family together and keeps teen girls engaged in a constructive way? Codenames Duet is your answer. This word-based game enhances communication skills, teamwork, and deductive reasoning, making it an excellent choice for teen girls and their moms. It’s an exciting gift idea that fosters quality time, ensuring memorable moments for both teens and parents.

This version of the boardgame Codenames is designed for two players or small teams. It’s a cooperative game in which players work together as a team to uncover all the agents on the board while avoiding the assassin. There is no division into teams in Codenames Duet, and players collaborate to find the words based on the clues given. It’s a more intimate and strategic version, suitable for couples or smaller gatherings.

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Promising review:

“If you are a fan of the original Code Names game then this is for you, especially if you want to be able to play with just two people. I was really curious about how you could play it with two people so here is the jist. You and your partner sit on opposite sides of the table and the setup is the same with 25 cards out in rows of five. There is a double sided “map” card, so you see your own and your partner sees another. The objective is co-op style. You are working together so that you and your partner guess all the keywords on the map before the allotted amount of turns runs out. Oh, and there are three assassin cards instead of one. It’s challenging and fun at the same time. You can also play with more than two people if you want.” –Β  Brandi


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