Complete Watercolor Painting Kit: Unplug and Create

Give your teen the gift of artistic expression and a screen-free escape with this complete watercolor painting kit. It’s a therapeutic and creative outlet designed to reduce screen time and promote mindfulness. Perfect for aspiring artists.


The Nicpro 60PCS Watercolor Paint KitΒ  is a complete art set that provides endless creative possibilities. In a digital age, where screens often dominate our lives, this kit is the perfect gift for encouraging your teen to unplug and explore the beautiful world of watercolor painting.

Beyond artistic expression, this kit provides an essential escape from the digital world, offering a tactile, hands-on experience that can reduce screen time and provide a therapeutic outlet. Painting not only fosters creativity but also promotes mindfulness, relaxation, and emotional well-being. It’s a powerful way for your teen to unplug, de-stress, and find joy in the simple act of creating.

This all-in-one package is the ideal gift for nurturing her passion for painting and sparking her artistic journey. With 24 tubes of premium watercolor paints, 8 synthetic squirrel brushes, a plastic mixing palette, 25 watercolor papers, and a color wheel, she has everything she needs to embark on a captivating artistic adventure. This comprehensive kit is designed to captivate her imagination, away from the screens and into a world of colors and creativity.

The 24 artist-grade watercolor colors (12ml each) areΒ  vivid and attractive, offering maximum brilliance and color clarity. Their unique formula ensures a buttery consistency for easy mixing and blending, allowing her to express herself with every brushstroke.

Safety is a top priority, and these watercolors are strictly non-toxic, complying with the highest quality standards. You can rest easy, knowing that she can explore her artistic side without any health concerns.

What sets this kit apart is the high-quality synthetic squirrel brush set. Unlike other brands, Nicpro’s brushes feature excellent absorption and elasticity, ensuring your teen has the right tools to express her creativity. These brushes are secured with durable aluminum crimped ferrules, built to last through countless art projects.



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