Glowing Mirror Alarm Clock – Rose Gold Beauty and Time Combined

Discover the SZELAM Rose Gold Glowing Mirror Alarm Clock – a perfect gift for teen girls. Combining a stylish makeup mirror with a practical alarm clock, this multifunctional device adds a touch of elegance to any room. Quiet, adjustable brightness, and featuring a snooze function, it’s the ideal present for your daughter’s room.


Elevate your teen daughter’s room with the SZELAM Glowing Mirror Alarm Clock. This multifunctional alarm clock seamlessly combines timekeeping with a sleek makeup mirror, making it an ideal gift for teen girls and a fantastic addition to any bedroom.

The HD mirror display not only reflects your beauty but also serves as a practical makeup mirror. Its specially designed surface repels dust, ensuring a clear and clean appearance. You can position it upright, lay it flat, or even hang it on the wall – the choice is yours!

Enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep with the SZELAM clock. Unlike noisy mechanical clocks, it offers a quiet environment for restful slumber. The clock’s luminous function lets you check the time without disrupting your sleep, making it a great addition to your daughter’s room.

The alarm clock features three adjustable brightness levels, providing a comfortable display in any lighting condition. The photosensitive sensor can automatically adapt to the ambient light or be manually adjusted to your liking.

Keep your settings and time intact even during power outages with the memory function. The SZELAM clock also boasts dual USB ports, so your teen can charge her devices conveniently.

Additionally, heavy sleepers will appreciate the snooze function. A simple tap of the large snooze button grants five more minutes of rest without the need to open one’s eyes. The default snooze duration is 2 minutes but can be customized to suit your preferences.

Invest in a practical and stylish addition to her room, all in the beautiful Rose Gold finish.


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