Marvel Codenames – The Marvel Universe Adventure Game for Teens and Families

Marvel Codenames is an exciting blend of Marvel’s iconic world and the hit party game Codenames. Ideal for teen girls and families, it offers endless fun and adventure while testing your wordplay and strategy skills. Embark on a Marvel journey with this fantastic gift idea.


Unleash the Marvel magic with Marvel Codenames, the ultimate gift idea for teens who love the Marvel Universe. This game combines the thrill of Codenames, the #1 party game, with iconic moments from the Marvel Comic Universe, providing endless hours of entertainment and excitement.

Marvel Codenames features a blend of images and words, challenging players to connect clues and solve the puzzle. It’s not only easy to learn but also an ideal choice for every Marvel enthusiast. Whether you’re a teen girl or a family seeking fun-filled bonding moments, this game is designed for everyone.

Immerse yourself in the Marvel Universe and embark on a journey filled with adventure and strategy. Ages 9 and up can partake in this incredible experience, making it a fantastic addition to your family game nights. Rediscover the memorable moments of Marvel with Marvel Codenames.

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Promising review:

  • “For those looking for a game you can quickly play at family gatherings, I wholeheartedly recommend codenames, it’s easy to explain the rules, game play is pretty fast, and it’s a team game that doesn’t require artistic ability. (yes I’m still bitter at people not being able to recognize my duck drawing from pictionary) And there are so many versions of this game already(and going to be a lot more) that once you’ve played one version, it’s easy to jump to another without a long reading time of the rules.

    This is of course a specific version, but with the Marvel movies being so popular it’s not too tough for the team to work, and if you have a mix between die-hard marvel fans, and casual, there can be some pretty funny interactions.” – Jim



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