OFFIGIFT Bullet Journaling Kit

This creative bullet journaling kit for teens includes a premium A5 dotted journal, 12 dual-tip brush pens, 10 reusable stencils, and 14 washi tapes. Encourage your teen’s creativity, organization, and self-expression with this thoughtful gift.


Unleash your teen daughter’s creativity and organization with the OFFIGIFT Bullet Dotted Journal Kit – the ultimate gift for budding artists, planners, and journaling enthusiasts. This comprehensive set offers the perfect tools to spark her imagination and enhance her organizational skills.

Crafted with premium 140gsm bleed-proof paper, this A5 dotted journal ensures her sketches and notes stay pristine, free from smudges and ghosting. The kit includes a hardcover journal with 188 numbered pages, dual-tip brush pens for detailed artwork, reusable journal stencils, and washi tape in various sizes.

Bullet journaling is more than just a hobby; it’s a powerful tool for teens. It empowers them to set goals, express themselves, and develop habits that last a lifetime. By creating a personalized space for her thoughts, dreams, and daily plans, your teen can boost her self-confidence and productivity.

With 12 non-toxic coloring markers featuring both fineliner and brush tips, she can design her dream journal pages. Dual-tip design brings a world of possibilities to her art projects, from fine details to vibrant coloring. The kit also includes reusable stencils and cute washi tapes that transform her journal into beautifully vivid layouts.

Bullet journaling encourages self-reflection, creativity, and time management skills. Whether she’s tracking her progress, designing her dream life, or simply expressing herself, this DIY journaling kit is the perfect companion for her journey.

Ideal for beginners and lovers of journaling, stationary, and scrapbooking, this kit makes a thoughtful gift for friends, family, tweens, teens, and adults. Inspire your teen to explore the world of journaling and design with the OFFIGIFT Bullet Dotted Journal Kit – a creative and practical gift that will ignite her passion for self-expression and organization.


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