Surreal Melting Clock – Unique Artistic Gift for Teens

Add artistic elegance to any space with the Farever Melting Clock. Inspired by Salvador Dalí’s iconic artwork, this whimsical timepiece is perfect for art-loving teens and adults. Durable plastic construction makes it both decorative and functional.


The Farever Melting Clock is inspired by Salvador Dalí’s iconic artwork. The unique timepiece adds artistic elegance to any space. Whether it’s for her room, your home, or office, its design effortlessly complements modern and eclectic themes. Easy to set up and maintain, it makes a perfect gift for teens with an artistic flair.

Art lovers with a playful sense of humor will adore this timepiece. While it isn’t the most practical timekeeper, it’s undeniably a gorgeous and whimsical addition to any space. It’s a It’s a cute little collectors item. Made of plastic, sturdy and won’t fall off the shelve. The ticking of the clock is audible but not too loud.

Dimensions: 5″W x 7″H


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