Why Finding a Coach is Like Finding a Hairdresser

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When you have made a decision that you need a life coach, whether it’s a parenting coach for you or a life coach for your teen daughter,Β  you have taken the first important step.

But what follows that first step is tricky.Β  Because it’s not always easy to find a coach.

I always tell people who are interested in coaching that they should find someone that fits with them. Someone they clicked with.

Of course you need to always check the coaches’ credentials and experiences.

If you’re wondering about mine: take a look at my LinkedIn page or check out my About page.

It’s about that click

In the end it’s about that click. And you probably know if there is or there isn’t within the first few minutes of talking.

It’s why I always recommend people to shop around if they want to find a coach.

Because finding a coach that fits with you is like finding the right hairdresser after you’ve moved to a new city – or country.

Curly girls know what I’m talking about…

You need to keep looking until you find the one that you like – someone who understands you, who understands your hair and who doesn’t irritate you. Because you’ll be spending quite a few hours in that chair. And you don’t want to leave with a disaster on your head, feeling frustrated and annoyed.

When you try out that first hairdresser – the one your new neighbor recommended – and you discover that they don’t really get you or your hair, you don’t go back there right? Of course not!

You continue your search until you find the one hairdresser that fits with you. The perfect one that gets you, that gets your hair and that you look forward to seeing again.

I want you to do the same when you’re looking for a coach. Keep searching until you find the right one. The one that gets you. The one that you feel comfortable with. And safe.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for in a coach? Think about that for a minute.

Because we come in all sizes and shapes. We have different personalities, different sense of humor, different coaching styles, different backgrounds.

Do you want a woman or a man? An older person or someone your age? Someone who’s also a therapist? Someone who’s soft spoken or spiritual? Someone who’s religious? A pretty direct coach who tells it like it is? Someone who throws in an occasional ‘fuck’ because you do that too?

Is having a sense of humor a must? Do you want someone specializing in anxiety related issues? Or in highly sensitive people? A coach who’s trained in mindfulness?

I could go on and on.

Think about what you need but definitely use your instincts when you have that first conversation.

Because that’s the best way to figure it out. Take that first free consultation and talk to the coach you picked. Most coaches offer a free consultation for exactly that reason.

Keep searching

And if you don’t feel that click – even if you can’t explain why – tell them ‘Sorry, but no’ and continue looking for the right one. Trust your gut.

Whatever you do, don’t give up and think: “I knew it…coaching is not for me”.

That would be such a shame. Because it probably has nothing to do with coaching. It has to do with the fact that you just didn’t find your coach yet.

And I promise you, if you find the right one, coaching can truly change your life. It is such a valuable gift to give yourself.

So don’t give up.

Some people like my style, some people don’t. That’s okay.

Get to know me a little bit – book a free consultation – and then decide whether you think I’m the right match for you.

And if not – just tell me. I won’t take it personally. I might not get your hair at all.

But if I do … magic can happen!

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